3 Ways to Develop Your Own Personal Style

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3 Ways to Develop Your Own Personal Style

Are you the type of person who is drawn into a store from a window display and purchases everything the mannequin is wearing? Maybe you are the person who asks the sales associate or a stylist to help build your wardrobe for you. Or perhaps you are an impulse shopper who purchases items when it seems good at the time. Whatever type of shopper or style you gravitate towards, I am here to help you develop and revamp your own personal style by introducing corsets into your rotation of clothes. Follow along for my top 3 tips.

1.) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
My number one piece of advice to anyone interested in wearing a corset but never has, is to just try one on. Always start off slowly by gradually increasing the wearing time as you become more comfortable in it. Avoid feeling self-conscious by pairing your corset with items that make you feel your best. Changing just one aspect of your look is a great way to introduce this piece into your wardrobe. When you put on a corset and you choose to dress for yourself and only yourself, you own your power. So let’s all stand behind our clothing choices fearlessly and without apology.

,,Choose to dress for yourself and only yourself, you own your power...

Things to Consider

3 Ways to Develop Your Own Personal Style

2.) Fit and Quality Are So Important
Even though we are all made up of the same anatomy, what fits one person may not fit you the same way. When purchasing a piece that is so personal and timeless, it is worth the investment of having your corset custom made. Our corsets are designed and sewn to withstand the test of time and will last you years and years to come. We construct each corset according to your measurements for the precise fit and optimum comfort.

3.) Layer and Accessorize
If you’re worried about showing too much skin, try pairing a corset with a cardigan or jacket as I did here. Jackets and accessories are a great way to take the focus off your corset until you feel more confident showing it off.

Let’s get started on a custom handmade corset of your own!  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please comment below.


Photography by Fernando Ortiz

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