Pure and perfect, all in white, this dramatically hourglass corset is enhanced by two exceptionally wide gores. An outstanding feature of this beautiful corset is the adorable little pocket, fully functioning (for your lipstick, of course), which adds a touch of practicality in a delightfully charming fashion.
See this corset in everyday use, at New England Farms and in Corset Myths and Perspective Truths.

Neckline Semi-Sweetheart
Waist Hourglass
Facing 100% cotton twill in white
Lining 100% cotton twill in white
Gore 2 extra wide gores at bust
Trim 2 patterned rayon twist cords braided into a 3mm cord
Embellishment Hand-sewn, practical pocket
Busk 13″ center front busk with 6x ½buttonholes
Bone Casing 100% cotton, handmade
Bone ¼spiral steel boning throughout
Hardware Grommets & washers in white, for back lace-up
Lacing Twist cord lace-up in white

This corset was custom-tailored and is not for sale. The listed price is an estimate. Prices are affected by service level, market price for materials, import/availability limitations and material volume.