Visual Diary

What Inspires You?

Even though it may be easier to keep track of what inspires me on Pinterest or create folders in my iPhone, I still love a good ‘ole scrappy visual diary, aka an inspiration journal. I can remember back to the age of 7 when I told my parents I was going to be a fashion designer. I started tearing out my favorite images from magazines and catalogs to create an inspiration board or book. I always liked the way it felt getting out a glue stick and placing the images in a collage. And to this day, I still go through the same process! Call me an old soul who likes cutting and pasting, but archiving inspirational references have kept my design-eye sharp.

Sketch it Out

What Inspires You?

While flipping through one of my design journals, I was inspired immediately when I saw a photo I had saved of Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Too Frida” braided taffeta corset-style dress from his haute couture Spring/Summer 2010 runway show. I grabbed a pencil and sketch pad and started to sketch my own corset design. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you can go back to my highlights called “Work n Progress” and “Work n Progress 2” where I take you behind-the-scenes of the entire design process from the sketch, to draping the back of the corset and collar, fabric shopping, numerous ways of how I would style this corset, and so much more! There are also a few tips and tricks that I learned and shared throughout this design process including never to add boning in the corset collar.

,,I can remember when I told my parents I was going to be a fashion designer.


What Inspires You?

This corset was made with a beautiful gray and pink embroidered floral lace over a gray satin fabric. The inside lining is light pink, silk duchesse satin, and both the front of the collar and back of the corset have functional lace-up. Depending on how you style it, this corset can be worn for so many different occasions and looks amazing on every body type.

So, what inspires you? Do you love making scrapbooks as much as I do, or do you organize your visual references differently? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Let’s get started on a custom handmade corset of your own! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


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