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You might have links to things you’ve seen online, photos, magazine clippings or pictures you took on your phone. Perhaps you were inspired by a piece of art, a celebrity, a costume, or a fictional character.
All of that stuff is great, but don’t worry if you don’t have any of it. Some clients just have the perfect color visualized, while others just know they want leather. Let us know what you do have, send us the pictures, links or a description of your vision.
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Some women use a corset to enhance or accentuate their curviness, while others use the shaping properties to idealize their silhouette, improve their posture or train their waist. Your corset will be custom-made for your body, tell us about yourself. Start with your bust, waist, hip size and your height, later we’ll ask you to print and complete this measurement form (we recommend taking it to your local tailor). Send us a picture of yourself, we promise to respect your privacy. Try to capture as much of yourself in the image as possible, straight on and forward facing.
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Select a silhouette

Corsets come in many shapes, each structural element serves a different function. To select a silhouette, it is important to understand the purpose of the corset (easier said than done). Maybe you have an invitation to a swanky affair, or you’re the guest of honor at a special occasion, a bride or the maid of honor. Perhaps you are looking to start waist training, or you are interested in a corset to help with back pains and posture issues. Or (hope, hope), you are planning to wear a bespoke corset in your everyday routine – you can always find a place to wear a custom-tailored corset, even if it was made for a special occasion. Whatever the purpose, understanding the need will help us to create the look.
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Corset Types

There are three main types of corsets. To help you decide, this quick reference guide describes the corset that best fits your needs and aesthetic.

Corset Waist Shapes

These are the three most popular waist shapes that our customers choose. Each one has its own dramatic look and benefits. We can help you choose the shape that is best for you and your body. See our glossary to learn more about corset waist shapes.


Choosing your most flattering neckline starts with understanding the available options and terminology. Examples of our most popular necklines are shown below. We will help you to choose the style that compliments you best.


Any material can be found in a corset; from silk, satin, cotton and tulle to steel, copper, glass and plastic, to feathers, bone, leather and scales. Facing can be made from standard materials or from a mixture of materials, while trim and embellishment pieces are only limited by our imaginations. As we consider the materials, we’ll keep in mind the primary purpose for this corset, where you intend to wear it and what you’ll wear it with.
Vegan leather, snake skin or animal hides are available, or talk to us about all-natural materials.
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Facing Fabric

The primary material of the corset.
Many corsets have multiple panel fabric.
Often, an additional material is used as a liner.


Some trim is necessary, such as eyelets.
Special hems, necklines, seam and other mechanical elements may be added.


Materials can be added as embellishments.
These features may be vestigial, serving only to accentuate the design.