Mexico’s Lady of Death

A Dark Romance

As the spookiest month of the year comes to an end, I’m bringing out our chicest corset of a tattooed, sugar skull woman wearing red and yellow flowers in her hair, just like our spook-tacular model. Look closely at the surrealist background of skulls and waves, and you will see a green viper stealthly protecting La Catrina, Mexico’s lady of death.

It's All in The Details

A Dark Romance

This was one of the most complicated designs I’ve pattern-matched and made into a corset due to the very intricate design of the applique. Not only did the seam lines of these two oversized, square patches need to be matched at every curve, but the front busk also needed to be inserted directly down the center of her face. As you can see, when the corset is worn, her head remains symmetrical.

,,Surrealist background of skulls and waves.

The Back is Just as Important

A Dark Romance

The back of this Day of the Dead corset is made with a gold, metallic thread woven into the navy denim fabric to bring out the blue in the front design. I separated the front of the corset from the back with a red twisted cord trim. In the back, I used red grommets and hunter green lace-up. I finished the bottom hem with a double-faced, satin, pleated trim. The inside lining is made with cargo cotton that has the softest finish and feels buttery against the skin.

Happy Halloween!

A Dark Romance

Making this corset was a lot of fun because halloween is my favorite time of year. I wish everyone a boo-tiful, fang-tastic halloween night!

Let’s get started on a custom handmade corset of your own! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


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