The First Avenger

Captain America

Marvel’s great red, white, and blue freedom fighter and evil smasher has captured the imagination, not only of Americans everywhere, but also of liberty lovers throughout the world. He is one of the most enduring superheroes and has undergone more changes than most major comic book characters. This colorful leader of Marvel’s mighty Avengers is known and admired as the one and only – Captain America!

Villain Proof

Captain America

My patriotic corset is colored like the US flag and made from military-grade materials such as vegan leather. Knives cannot cut it, and an inner layer of horsehair absorbs punches and heavy impacts. My corset holds up even when sprayed with acids or blasted with jets of flame. Though not fully bulletproof, it can safeguard against flying shrapnel and other hazards. My corset is fully lined in a cotton Superhero fabric that offers some protection against electric shocks, fire, and extreme temperatures.

,,Captain America, he is, and will always be, the first Avenger!

A True Guardian

Captain America

My mask keeps my true identity a secret and I use my shield to deflect enemy gunfire. This iconic shield is used both for defense and offense. I can throw it with incredible precision, setting up a chain of ricochets that can knock out multiple enemies. My red booties are puncture-proof, and the soles are designed to provide maximum traction on slippery terrain.

Captain America, he is, and will always be, the first Avenger!

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Photos by Marie Cancellieri
Images enhanced by Intimatology