Compliment Your Uniqueness

Experience The Holidays With Confidence

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Ideally the holidays would be all about popping champagne and exchanging gifts while laughing with our friends. But the reality is that between family obligations, frantic shopping, wrapping up last minute work tasks and a calendar filled up with holiday soirees we’re left feeling stressed and anxiety-ridden. Not to mention the “diet” trap of needing to look your best with detoxes and shakes for two weeks straight. It’s not about the number on the scale, but it’s about how you feel. Knowing your body is a key factor to dressing with confidence. Not everybody needs to be the same size or proportion because dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape makes all the difference.

Posture And Positivity

Experience The Holidays With Confidence

We designed a corset that features luxurious velvet fabrics and a buttery soft satin lining. The trim along the neckline of my corset has a reflective taffeta cordedge that shines from wine to green depending on how the light hits it. Along the hem is a metallic edge trim that is the perfect mix of elegance and glamour. This gorgeous trim features two rows of metallic looped braids and an embellished edge of wine-colored rabbit fur. If you are looking to accentuate your best features, stand with posture that makes you tall and proud with your shoulders back and abs pulled in all while keeping your energy and mood high than this is the corset for you!

,,Knowing your body is a key factor to dressing with confidence.

The Art Of Individuality

Experience The Holidays With Confidence

I celebrated the season in New York City and the excitement, discovery and unpredictable moments I experienced throughout the day were captivating. I arrived in Grand Central Station, visited the courtyard at the New York Palace, saw the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree and shopped along 5th Avenue.

There is no doubt that achieving the waist size and shape you want can give you the confidence you desire. So don’t stress about what confidence is “supposed” to look like because it’s your individuality that makes it an art. Allow us to guide you in creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience at Champagne Corsets so that you can walk into that holiday shindig with all the confidence you can muster!

Do you currently own a corset and would like help styling it? Or perhaps you’re ready for a custom handmade corset of your own. Let’s get started! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


Photos by Meghan Olson
Images enhanced by Intimatology