Champagne and the Crystal Skull

Frightening Fashion

There’s nothing more menacing than this skull applique so I added some lace and Swarovski crystals to make him scary-chic. The lining is just as scary with ghastly skulls printed on a soft cotton fabric that feels great against my skin. I love the chains hanging from the bottom hem that adds the right amount of rock star edge to this corset. And my bold necklace, I made that too!

So soft it's terrifying.

Frightening Fashion

Let’s talk about the fabric I used for this corset. There’s something about velvet that gives me an instant crush (no pun intended), taking luxe to the next level. Velvet is one of fall’s biggest trends and used to be considered a special-occasion fabric, but now it can work equally well for daytime-wear. This luminous and oh so soft velvet feels plush to the touch.

,,If you dare to be bold,
then this is the corset for you!

Must....Have....Skinny Jeans!

Frightening Fashion

I’m wearing my corset with black metallic skinny jeans and biker boots. This corset would also look great paired with denim jeans for those causal days or with a pair of leather pants on the night of Halloween.

If you dare to be bold, then this is the corset for you!

Do you currently own a corset and would like help styling it? Or perhaps you’re ready for a custom handmade corset of your own. Let’s get started! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


Photography by Marie Cancellieri
Images enhanced by Intimatology