Comfort Is Key!

Kick Back & Enjoy the Show

Don’t you just love tilting back, kicking up your feet and sinking into the premium comfort of power recliners while watching your favorite movies on the big screen? I know I do! Going to the theaters is so much fun, especially now that most theaters also offer a dine-in experience. However all of this “luxury” is causing increased stress and pain in the lower back and neck. The average movie lasts about 130 minutes in length and to make matters worse, the natural tendency for most people is to slouch over or slouch down in the chair when sitting for long periods. But why should you have to sacrifice going to the theaters when corsets can help with back and neck pain, improve your posture while sitting, strengthen your back muscles and provide lumbar support?!

A Lovely Day For A Matinee

Kick Back & Enjoy the Show

Today I enjoyed a matinee movie wearing my denim underbust corset. This underbust corset encircles my waist, aligns my back into a neutral position and helps hold my spine straight, all while training my waist. I paired it with light pink distressed denim and these comfy tennis shoes.

,,Don't sacrifice going to the theater, corsets can help with back and neck pain!

The More You Know

Kick Back & Enjoy the Show

The benefits of corsetry take time and dedication. Over time you will be feeling stronger, healthier and most likely experiencing additional benefits that you might not expect. Click here to learn more about the Beneficial Effects of Corsetry.

Do you currently own a corset and would like help styling it? Or perhaps you’re ready for a custom handmade corset of your own. Let’s get started! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


Photos by Meghan Olson
Images enhanced by Intimatology