Perspectives of Posture

Straighten Up

Posture is one of the first criteria many people instinctively use to judge one another. How you hold yourself can be closely related to your emotions. The slump of your spine or curl of your shoulders can signal a lack of confidence and can even be the cause of a bad mood. Healthy posture comes with many perks, both physical and mental. Simply shifting your physical position can change your emotions and be an instant mood booster.1

Problems with Everyday Tasks

Straighten Up

According to the American Chiropractic Association, Americans spend over $50 billion annually on medical appointments and treatments for lower back and neck pain that stems from poor posture.2 And now with most people working from home, their digital devices have become a nearly universal cause of forward-head position. A study found by tilting your head forward even 30 degrees to look at your phone is like asking your neck and spine to carry an extra 40 pounds.1Over time those pressures from hunching over your devices raises hell with your neck and back.3

,,How you hold yourself can be closely related to your emotions.

Benefits of Good Posture

Straighten Up

Read on for the top 3 compelling benefits of good posture:

1. You strengthen your core.

While wearing a corset you carry yourself with a neutral spine and your core muscles are engaged. Over time this will help “train” your body to effortlessly carry yourself with a slightly tightened core all of the time. Using your core muscles takes the pressure off the discs and joints in your back and allows you to lock in your neutral spine so that you can go about your day without irritating your back.

2. You breathe easier and increase your oxygen intake.

When you’re sitting or standing upright, you are able to expand all the muscles in your chest and lungs, which makes breathing easier and helps you take deeper breaths. This increases the amount of energizing oxygen in your body. Wearing a corset helps keep your shoulders back while pushing your chest out and forward, not compressed, giving the lungs plenty of room to expand and contract as deep breaths are taken. Hunching over has the opposite effect and is one reason why people with scoliosis can have breathing troubles.1

3. You feel more alert and confident.

Upright posture can help lower your physiological response to stress because it keeps your systolic blood pressure lower which helps make you feel more powerful and resilient under pressure.1
To feel your best every day, practice good posture in one of our Champagne Corsets. Your body will thank you!

*Please consult with your doctor before wearing a corset for medical or therapeutic reasons.

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