Battle of the Bulge

The Biggest Secret To Hiding Trouble Areas

Many people seem to have something about her or his body they would wish to hide, to cover, or at least camouflage by drawing the attention away from that area. People with a larger upper body or even slimmer figures can fall victim to the bunching and bulging of flesh around the underarms. Most often it isn’t the body that causes skin around the arm to pour over the edges of a strapless corset but rather ones that don’t adequately fit the bust area properly. Bespoke respectively helps keep wandering flesh at bay while accentuating the features you are happy with. With that being said there is also a little trick to make arms look lean and lovely in our corsets.

Exquisitely Sophisticated

The Biggest Secret To Hiding Trouble Areas

Winsomely romantic, my dreamy corset is simply ethereal with impressive styling that works in a variety of formal settings. Designed to flatter, the light and airy silk chiffon cold shoulder detail of draped sleeves brings a sophisticated style to my sweetheart neckline. The best thing about these sleeves is they allow my arms full range of motion, as I am able to extend my hands over my shoulders.


,,My dreamy corset is simply ethereal with impressive styling.

The warmly delightful print is timelessly classic and brilliantly highlighted with various hand-cut and hand-beaded laces sewn throughout. Feminine and flattering, my corset brings a chic sense of drama for my afternoon at the Gillette Castle in East Haddam, Connecticut. A stone castle that looks like a medieval fortress is situated on a hill overlooking the Connecticut River. This unique fieldstone castle was home to the late legendary stage actor William Gillette. He was the American actor who is most famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on stage.

Do you currently own a corset and would like help styling it? Or perhaps you’re ready for a custom handmade corset of your own. Let’s get started! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


Photos by Meghan Olson
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