Why Leopard Print Will Be Forever Chic

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Why Leopard Print Will Be Forever Chic

Season after season, trends come and go and sometimes come and go again, but there are some things that never go out of style – animal prints! This encompasses everything from snake and croc skin to zebra and tiger-inspired stripes. But, it is the leopard that has become the catch-all term for all big cat prints.

,,For the glamorous and elegant woman who intimately understands the seductiveness of her own sexual power...

Leopard print hit the mainstream in 1947 when Christian Dior included it in his debut “New Look” collection. It’s a print that our mothers and grandmothers probably wore, yet it still feels relevant today. It is valued as luxurious and sophisticated and symbolizes confidence, gracefulness, leadership, power, beauty, and independence. Worn by both men and women, from royalty to rock stars, everyone is wild about this perennial trend that’s been coming around on repeat for years!

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Where To Wear A Corset

While making this corset I was inspired by “the king of fashion animalier” himself, Roberto Cavalli, as defined by The New York Times in 2001. No matter how risqué Cavalli’s clothes may be, he loves to experiment with barely-there cuts and styles that are undeniably sexy and alluring. His silhouettes and fabrics always enhance the female form for an ultra-glamour look. Our Untamed corset combines an exotic, wild-animal patterned fabric by Just Cavalli, with delicate gold & ivory lace that crisscrosses at the deep plunging neckline adding an extra touch of romance and a removable sparkly necklace for pure decadence and ultimate style. The lining on the inside is made from a buttery soft cotton velvet in crimson red. This corset truly epitomizes a high-end luxurious aesthetic for the glamorous and elegant woman who intimately understands the seductiveness of her own sexual power.

The leopard isn’t the only big cat on the runway this season and if this print isn’t your cup of tea, check out our snake print corset as this skin is said to be “the new leopard print”. The beauty of nature has been an everlasting source of inspiration in the world of fashion.

Let’s get started on a custom handmade corset of your own!  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please comment below.


Photography by Fernando Ortiz

Images enhanced by Intimatology