Healthier, Stronger, Slimmer

For Men

The corset has more uses than you might think. Not just for women, fashion, art and style, not just for costumes and portrayal, the corset has health benefits, that are valuable to men as well as women, as well as the most basic of features: slimming. Men have been using corsets for as long as, or longer than women, and while they might see the garment differently than we do, it can change their daily lives as much as it does ours.

Men can possibly benefit from corsets even more so than women.


For Men

Men can possibly benefit from corsets even more so than women. A common problem with men as they get older is a distended stomach. According to an article on, “Men are genetically more likely to store fat in their gut, rather than the lower body, and certain lifestyle habits exacerbate weight accumulation in the middle.
Aging also makes you naturally lose muscle mass. Muscle keeps your metabolism burning at a solid rate. When you lose this muscle — about 1 pound per year after age 30 — your metabolism declines, and it becomes easier to gain fat, which often goes straight to the belly in men.”
Back problems are also common in men.

A custom corset can compress your mid-section, target your core and improve posture


For Men

Whether you have back pain from heavy lifting, an injury or strain from weak abdominal muscles or a distended belly, a custom corset can help with all of that. Corsets compress the mid-section and target your core properly which is not just a girly thing. Helping you strengthen your core and focus on your abs while correcting your posture and providing back support is something a smart man recognizes as a benefit.
We will make sure you are comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. We promise – no frills unless you’re into that sorta thing.

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