Proud of our Corsets


Our culture is finally beginning to respect and accept the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender community. Just like every other minority in human history, the LGBT community has had to struggle against discrimination, intolerance and hatred. All the while this community has continued to make a tremendous contribution to style, entertainment, fashion, arts, culture, music and film perhaps as well or better than any other group of people. The impact the LGBT community has made specifically to fashion and costuming is an ongoing inspiration to us in particular. Fashion would have a very different perspective today without the influence and involvement of great designers like Bob Mackie, Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld to name a few.

Incredible design ideas and a desire to explore and create something truly unique and exciting.

Fierce and Fashion Forward


We have always worked with the LGBT community and are so fortunate to have customers that serve as a constant inspiration. Whether creating a corset to flaunt your stuff at Pride or for everyday wear, our clients always have incredible design ideas to explore and a desire to create something truly unique and exciting that captures and flaunts their personality.

Fierce, fashion forward and always redefining style we help our clients capture their own sexuality through corsetry at its highest level.

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