My Summer Adventures in Aruba – Part 1

Hundreds Upon Hundreds

My Summer Adventures in Aruba - Part 1

With stunning blonde beaches, wind-sculpted desert landscapes and miles of azure waters I understand why Aruba is called One Happy Island. My Strut Corset paired with my white pants resembles where the pristine white sands meets the turquoise sea. Crafted to our exacting standards and made with the finest materials, my Strut Corset embodies a luxurious approach to living and precise attention to details. As beautiful as the gently lapping waves of the crystal clear waters, I hand-sewed hundreds upon hundreds of luminescent jewels, Swarovski crystals and vibrant gemstones along the center front of my corset for an unforgettable look of sparkle meets luxurious design.

Keepin' It Classy

My Summer Adventures in Aruba - Part 1

I love spending my vacation in elegant style especially since Aruba’s nightlife is some of the Caribbean’s best. Experiencing the beachfront lounges, casino’s and seaside bars in my Strut Corset was one of pure enjoyment. It was a perfect mix of high quality with a dash of playfulness.

,,Crafted to our exacting standards and made with the finest materials.

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Photography by Wings Global Media

Stella in blue corset in front of window with white curtains