Time to Saddle Up!

Summer Horseback Riding

One of the things I loved most about growing up in New England was when my parents used to take my siblings and I horseback riding. These beautiful animals seemed enormous compared to my size and were a bit intimidating. But luckily for me I’ve always rode the gentlest of them all. Horseback riding is great exercise for your entire body but if you do not take appropriate precautions, you can be seriously injured while riding.

Benefits of Riding with a Corset

Summer Horseback Riding

During high impact activity, such as horseback riding, extra support can be beneficial to the spine while also preventing immediate and long-term back pain. My underbust corset is placed around my lower torso to protect my internal organs from damage from either strain or shock. Wearing a corset increases my abdominal pressure and prevents bruising on my kidneys. It also helps with balance while riding on horseback. A well-constructed custom corset can be a suitable replacement for a back brace or kidney belt, but please speak to your doctor to see what works best for you.


,,A well-constructed corset can be a suitable replacement for a back brace.

Sending in the Calvary

Summer Horseback Riding

In the 19th century, officers in the Cavalry would wear corsets for back support while horseback riding. Women were encased in layer upon layer of clothing, bone or metal stays (later known as corsets), and laced up tight, all while riding a horse. Corsets were designed especially for riding, cut higher over the hips to allow sitting in a saddle, a sidesaddle that is. Ladies did not ride astride, not by society standards.

It's All in the Design

Summer Horseback Riding

I took into consideration the fabric that I used while designing this corset specifically for horseback riding, since corsets do restrict movement. My underbust corset is made with this super sleek faux leather that feels remarkably soft. You may remember this fabric in purple that I used for another underbust corset in one of my past blog posts, Style In A Cinch! I like this fabric because after wearing my corset for a short time it molds to my body while giving me the mobility and protection I need on horseback. I lined this corset in a brightly colored floral printed lightweight cotton that’s also super soft.

Do you currently own a corset and would like help styling it? Or perhaps you’re ready for a custom handmade corset of your own. Let’s get started! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below.


A special thank you to Jessy for letting me spend the day with her horses Scoot and Cheyanne.

Photos by Meghan Olson
Images enhanced by Intimatology